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A company that specializes in residential, office, mall and hotel cleaning services for the Klang Valley area.

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Residential Cleaning

You deserve to arrive at a clean home! We can offer residential cleaning services at more detailed sessions.
The price from is for 4 hour include all cleaning.

Move In/Out Cleaning

We specialize in the cleaning of homes before new tenants take occupation or after a house becomes vacant.
The price from is for 4 hour include all cleaning.

Post Renovation/Construction Cleaning

Let us get rid of all the bits and pieces left over after your house or office has been built or remodeled. We are here to help.
The price from is for 6 hour include all cleaning.

To us, it means we care for your business as if it were our own. When we enter into a new relationship, we make a big effort to understand your operations and align with them and then train and support our employees to make a difference in your business, day in and day out. Because, in the end, we want our people to take care of your people, your customers and your facilities so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Happy Customer

It’s certainly labor-intensive. Construction is a messy process, leaving behind dust, wood and metal shavings, nails, wiring, and all other kinds of leftover materials. A construction crew’s main concern is leaving you with a safe, stable structure that meets the specifications. It’s not their job to leave it clean, though a considerate contractor might do a little cleanup. Even when a construction job is “done,” there might still be days of work left to do. Cleaning kitchen equipment. Getting rid of leftover debris. Vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. Wiping down windows and counters. If you’re excited about seeing a “finished product” when construction is over, you might be disappointed. That’s why we recommend having a professional crew handle your post-renovation cleanup.

Post-renovation cleanup often includes:

  • Removing dust, dirt, and scuffs from all surfaces
  • Vacuuming and dusting woodwork, fixtures, and appliances
  • Cleaning the trim, baseboards, frames, and door jambs
  • Cleaning masonry, including tiles or brickwork
  • Removing stickers and labels from any installations
  • Ensuring the rest of your house is clean after construction

At the end of the day, what we include in your post-construction cleanup will be whatever it takes to make your space attractive and spotless. That could include specialty services like waxing and buffing floors and other touch-ups. Above all, we’re committed to your satisfaction.

Post Renovation refers to a thorough cleaning of every fixture and surface in the house to make sure that the entire place is ready to live in. Residue and dirt from renovation works are hard to scrub off, so a normal cleaning session would not suffice.

The process of a post-renovation clean would usually take 3-4 hours but fret not, as the designated team of cleaners from Helpling are known to be efficient in time management and quality housekeeping. While our team gets into business, at the time being, you can proceed with your other daily duties!

Post-renovation cleaning services are highly recommended especially when the property is freshly renovated from head to toe. The last thing you want is for bright and shiny new updates to be covered in a layer of dust!